Healthcare Advocacy Training Program

The Repair healthcare advocacy training program is a multi-part workshop that trains community members to engage in more effective and informed advocacy when interacting with healthcare systems, including medical and mental health institutions, and alternative and complementary forms of care. The training incorporates self-advocacy (how to better advocate for one’s own healthcare), advocacy for family and loved ones, and advocacy for vulnerable communities.

Training topics include:

  • Patient legal rights
  • An introduction to medical ethics
  • Screening healthcare providers
  • Recognizing coercion and other misuses or abuses of power in healthcare options
  • Researching treatment options
  • Making sense of health insurance plans and practices
  • Understanding the connections between oppression and health, and communicating about those connections with healthcare providers
  • Recognizing and challenging discrimination in healthcare provision based on gender, race, disability, sexuality, religion, age, class, size, nationality, ethnicity, or citizenship status.
  • Participating in medical research
  • Strategies for improving quality of care and collaboration between providers
  • An introduction to integrative medicine
  • An introduction to structural competency

The pilot training launched in 2016 as a live workshop series in Los Angeles. Webinar versions of the training accessible to broader audiences will launch soon.

No prior experience in healthcare professions, or healthcare advocacy is needed in order to participate in training. There is a fee for participation, with sliding scale and fee waiver options available (no one will be turned away for lack of funds). Check back for registration information.